Our History

Brimstage Hall & Courtyard is home to numerous boutique shops, along with a restaurant and coffee shop. Come and see this historic building, built between 1175-1350. Situated just 5 minutes from J4 of the M53

1175 TO 1350

Expert opinions suggest Brimstage Hall was built sometime between 1175 and 1350, though nobody is quite sure of why, or for whom, it was built. The original house was compact and fortified, enclosed in a moat and high embankment.


The first recorded occupant of the Hall was Sir Hugh Hulse and his wife Marjory, who were granted license to build a chapel on the site on 11 February 1398. However it seems likely that the structure existed before this date.


During the War of the Roses, Sir William Troutbeck occupied Brimstage Hall. He fought for the Lancasters in the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459, where he was killed during the battle at the age of just 25.


A group from Cambridge University discovered an old, disused well under the floor of a part of the old house in 1957. The well was found to contain a number of human bones, and to this day nobody knows who they belonged to or why they ended up there.


Fast forward to 2014 and Brimstage Hall & Courtyard retains its 12th Century charm while providing an excellent location for a collection of unique & independent shops.